July 13, 2015

My Backyard


My bf and I recently bought a house! And it’s at the base of the backside of Mount Jumbo. Yeah, our backyard IS a mountain. It’s amazing to the say the least. Two blocks down, is the trail head to “Hidden Trail”. I was all like, “cool name! Probably named that because no one knows about it.” (made sense to me!) Nah. It was named that because sometimes you don’t know if you’re on the trail or if it’s the trail or if it’s an animal trail or just an old rock slide that you’re on because that is what the trail is made of. It was rainy, which was fine, I can do rain. The trail is sketchy but whatever, that just means it had to lead to an awesome place right? I can deal. And then I saw a baby bear butt run off in the trees. NO THANKS. So here’s my adventure up to that point.

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